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My passion is, where Technology meets Business.

Erno Marius Obogeanu-Hempel

My strenths ...

... are a visionary and entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, a thorough technical understanding and a solid understanding of business models as well as an integrated and motivating communication with team members, stake holders and others.

My Passion.

My expertise lets me help organizations to analyze, develop and/or optimize their 
vision and strategy, improving existing and/or creating new products, services and business models -
as well as to optimize their innovation and product development process.

My ultimate goal: deliver innovative, ideally disruptive, offerings - attract and retain customers, drive short-, mid- and long-term revenue as well as growth and to increase competitive advantage substantially.

My passion is, where Technology meets Business.

My positions & roles.

20+ years experience as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer, startup founder, serial entrepreneur, visionary, project and product manager as well as consultant for various software and IT companies have shaped my professional capabilities.

Currently I am working as a consultant for Red Bull Media House and for Digital Leadership - prior to this, as CTO of maxdome - a Video on Demand service provider in Germany and Austria - a company of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE - one of the leading media corporations in Europe.

I am ready to work for your company as an interim manager or permanent employee (CEO, CTO, Head of IT, Head of Development, Head of Product Management, Head of Product Marketing) or as a consultant (strategy, technology, software development, product management, product marketing, business development, due diligence, ...)

My approach.

My approach is a customer-centric, data and value-driven focus by blending creative, visionary and innovative thinking with strategy development, diligent analysis (customer surveys, needs, segments, competitors, offerings and markets), prioritization of market opportunities, product management, execution planning (in alignment with sales, business development and marketing execution) as well as monitoring progress, requirement changes and business impacts.

My experience.

I gained excellent and profound specialized knowledge, especially in the following sectors:
New Media, TV everywhere, video on demand, OTT, IPTV, Interactive TV, Broadcast Media, 
consumer electronics products, such as Action Sports Cameras and GPS devices,
GPS navigation, GPS tracking & tracing, fleet management, location based services,
and in directory services.

And I am ready for new exciting stuff to come.

References: Media

Red Bull Media House

Salzburg, Austria

Consulting in optimizing service development methods & processes, team setup, team culture and technology


Munich, Germany

Chief Technology Officer, leading a team with
100+ team members
(internal & external)


Munich, Germany

innovation project: end-to-end architecture of an
OTT service, combining
VoD & Linear TV

References: Consumer Electronics



TomTom Bandit action camera and accessories, mobile apps, desktop applications and Web portal


Munich, Germany

gobandit LIVE and gobandit RACE action camera, mobile apps, desktop applications and Web portal